Be Party Safe

Be Party Safe with Danmade Ltd

We need you to not only be confident in our products, but to also know that they can be relied upon when it matters most! So while our products are designed to create the ultimate WOW factor, our first priority is always SAFETY.

We design, develop and test all our products extensively, ensuring quality standards not only meet but exceed rigorous statutory requirements. Danmade’s ice fountains are guaranteed high quality and safe.

Be Bottle Service Safe

If your business offers the ultimate VIP service, Danmade Ltd strongly recommends that staff presenting ‘sparkling’ bottles to guests should ALWAYS securely attach ice fountains to bottle necks using our specially designed Bottle Clips, available to buy here.

Be Food Service Safe

Our specially formulated ice fountains do not contain barium nitrate that wire-based sparklers can deposit on food. Independent tests have demonstrated that all of our sparkling candles are toxicologically safe for use with and around food.

Unlike wire-based sparklers, when finished burning, our ice fountains present no risk of burns. Thanks to special construction and wrapping, even at 70°C, the cardboard tube will not cause burns.

General Safety

Danmade Sparkling Candles Are…